About Me

I've always been curious. Thats how I find my way around, looking at something with the instant urge to try and figure out how it works. I have had a love for planes since I was a kid and it was one day at a museum that I figured out that I could learn to fly them my self. Through out high school I developed a knack for code. I took AP computer science, and used that knowledge to make any job I was faced with easier. Whether it was calculating the lengths of pipes for an organ, or simply measuring one's reaction time, knowing how to code got me out of a lot of situations that saw others struggle greatly. This passion means so much to me, it had quite a large impact when I was choosing a major, and looking at colleges. Other places curiosity got me include setting up a web server, which is home to this site and much more. This undertaking caused me to break a lot of things, cause downtime in the family internet and other not so good things, but I got there in the end. I am currently in my first year at RIT working towards a degree in Software Engineering.

Getting in touch:

Oliver Davies
431 Peppertree Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94598 US


Bentley Upper School

Class of 2015 June 2015

No matter where you get in the world, you always remember your high school years. Whether you went to a 2,000 student leviathan or a little 320 student country day school like I did its a memorable moment for everyone, for different reasons. For me it was a lot of hard work but I also found ways to enjoy it. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of awesome things.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Working on a B.A in Software Engineering August 2015- Present

One could argue that college is one of if not the biggest decision one has to make in their lifetime. Coming from a 320 student high school and stepping foot onto a campus with 19,000 students was a big adjustment for me. However the urge to follow your passions takes you to strange places sometimes, or at least that’s what I've managed to figure out over the years. I will keep working and update this section as time sees fit.


Hacking Pi's Summer Camp

Counselor July 2015

My Latin teacher throughout high school was also a technology nut, and whilst sitting on the bus one day he asked me if I would help him out with a week long summer camp, teaching middle school students how to program robots in scratch. I enthusiastically accepted the position and the week proved to be a lot of fun.

Silchester Town Life Project

Roman Archaeology Dig Summer 2014

My high school made its student’s do 60 some hours of community service whilst they were there. Now I already have a reputation for doing things wildly differently from any else but I still surprised myself with this one. One day whilst looking around on the internet for volunteer options we found this archaeology dig in a little town called Silchester in England. I have quite a lot of family in England, being from there originally, so I popped over and spent a week digging up 2,000 year old stuff. This racked up 59.5 hours in a single week and I had a ton of fun doing it.

Bentley School Senior Internship

Technology Specialist May 2015

I joined the technology team at my high school for the last month of my senior year. I worked on course e-course development, attended and participated in meetings, and gave presentations to advisors when asked for my opinion as to which option the school should take. I really enjoyed this experience.

Bentley School Mini-Term Teaching Assistant

Personal Websites February 2015

I was asked to help run a course on developing personal websites. I designed a basic HTML/CSS lesson for the class. Along with this I set up and administrated the Moodle site that we used to run the class, on a web server that I had purchased only a few weeks earlier.

Skills/ hobbies

I like doing a lot of things, the list below are just some of my favorites:

  • Flying
  • Photography
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML
  • Problem Solving
  • Speaking

Global Blog @

Post 1 9/26/15

This is going to be the blog of a college student, mostly about college life in general. I will try to write every weekend about how life is going here at RIT. But for now just know that last week was a time management craze, in short I had tests more days than not and Saturday's eventual arrival was greatly appreciated. The Suzuka Formula 1 Grand Prix is tomorrow and I am looking forward to watching it, a lot. It will be interesting to see the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nice Rosberg. Well anyway it's late and I need sleep. I write again next weekend and touch on a couple of useful stress management strategies along with thoughts from Suzuka. Until then, cheers for now!

Post 2 9/27/15

Yes! Yes! Yes! Hamilton won the Japanese Gran Prix! Did you see the pass on the first corner of the first lap? Hamilton got passed Rosberg and never looked back. Hamilton has now successfully clawed back 7 of the 12 points he lost at Singapore with the unfortunate DNF. I was also happy to see the Ice Man Kimi Raikkonen finish so far up the field. 4th is not bad, considering how things have been going for the Finn lately. On the not so good side of things, the tale of woe continues for the Mclaren Honda duo, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. Alonso let loose at the team over the radio comparing Honda's engine to a GP2 engine. Ron Dennis said that he is not pleased with this behavior and that action will be taken internally. Overall though it was a great race, I could not stop myself from writing about it. Any way I'll talk to all of you soon, until then, cheers!

Post 3 9/29/15

It's Tuesday, there is a math quiz tomorrow. I have not been the best the last couple of days. A cold went springing around the residence halls like a fly and it got to me. You have to learn to conserve your energy when your not feeling the best and aim it at what really matters. I try to use the majority of it for work, and then conserve, knowing the fact that I don't have my normal amount of 'go juice' in stock. There is a hurricane in the weather forecast and having spent a large amount of time in California that will be a whole new experience for me. The weather is quite strange here. It is either really hot and humid, or drizzly and humid. I have yet to see anything else, but I am told that when the snow does come the humidity does not leave, which apparently makes the snow even less pleasant to deal with. Today had one thing that really made me happy. A person I worked with quite closely at my high school on the Personal Websites class and the internship for that matter emailed me. He has just released a new book and I highly recommend you have a look: click here. Another thing I want to say before I close this evening's entry. You see I am due to fly to England in November to see the Clarkson, Hammond and May live show in London. Now we all know what that entails, long flight, bad food, and jet lag. This time will be different however, the food here has gotten so repetitive and so tasteless that I can honestly say for once that I am looking forward to eating whatever the airline puts in front of me. Honestly if they wanted to disappoint me, they would have to have someone vomit on the plate. Apart from that I will eat anything at this point, as long as it hasn't come from the dining hall kitchen. On that note I will say good night.

Post 4 10/1/15

October is here and my cold is starting to go away at last. I am happy that this week is finally coming to an end for it has not been an easy one, being sick and all. Next week marks the start of week 7 of this 16 week term. I cannot believe that we are that far in. It seems like only yesterday that I moved into this dorm room and set everything up initially. My German class is moving at the speed of sound. It appears that the moment that we finish a test the next one is never too far off. A sense of romance keeps cropping up amongst my friends, its annoying, and leaves me with no one to talk to. We are into this deep now, each week is an operation more complicated than the one that came before it. Not too far from the term's midpoint we have to keep pushing. As the sign says in my room and the quote slider thingy says below this blog "Keep calm and carry on." Cheers friends.

Post 5 10/7/15

It is surprisingly difficult to ignore the constant feeling of homesickness you have at college at the best of times. Things get even more difficult when you find your self with a lot of work to do and a homesickness rut hits you. The feeling that you have all of this work to do, and that you miss your family is very hard to deal with. Motivation in college halfway through your first term when the excitement of starting college has worn off is hard to come by. When that rut of homesickness does hit you, the worst thing you can do is think about or attempt to do work, this will only make the feeling worse. What I find helpful is to just shove school and everything work related aside for a while and just do something that you love. For me that is listening to music, or watching Jeremy Clarkson screwing around on Top Gear. The point being that you have to do something that makes you forget that college is just work, you need to remind yourself that it can be fun too. The result of this is that you will feel a lot more cheerful and when you go back to your work you will find that you will be a lot more productive. The reason one feels homesick is usually because you are longing for that of familiar, and college is a strange new world when you first get to it. If you counter it with a taste of what you consider the familiar you will feel more cheery in no time. I would also like to apologize for the unusual gap in posts lately an application to Google adsense met I had to implement a content freeze on the site whilst the application was being reviewed. Below are two YouTube videos they are really one, but are split into two parts. They are a recording of the finale of Mahler's first symphony and I absolutely love them.

Post 6 10/9/15

I think the phrase time flies when your having fun should be changed to time flies when your not looking at a clock. The end of this week bought about a big mile stone, we are now about half way through the semester here at RIT. I remember the day that I moved in and met the person who is now one of my best friends like it was yesterday, but that was nearly three months ago now. The weird thing is that this whole thing whilst not unpleasant, has been a lot of hard work. It feels like one of those situations where time would crawl by, but that whole idea is clearly one to be rejected. Everyone I spoke to about coming into college said enjoy it while it lasts. Little to say when I first heard that, I thought it was a load of rubbish, college is 5 years long, and it will creep by like high school did. Now however I see exactly what they met. This is the fastest that I have seen a term move, ever. I have had to put up with a lot of work and have been in and out of ruts of homesickness. However at the conclusion of next week I get to see my family for the first time in what seems like ages. My only wish being is that the homework is light so that the visit is actually a visit, not just a study session. I have also been very excited to hear that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have started filming their new show for Amazon. I honestly think and hope that the BBC's effort to recreate Top Gear will fail miserably. They will not be able to regenerate the views they had before. No other arrangement will work the same magic. It does not matter what kind of junk Chris Evan's is able to produce, it will not work. The BBC shot its self in the foot when it sacked Clarkson. Top Gear is not Top Gear with out those three and I simply refuse to watch any thing with that title if those three are not involved. Plus, you have to consider that the trio are back and with even more money then they had before, they are going to come on strong. The BBC is going to have to put up a fight to even stand next to the new Amazon show. Even Chris Evans him self said that reproducing what the old trio was able to do is impossible. So honestly they should not even bother trying. The chances that they will land on a piece of magic like Clarkson did are nill. Honestly England has better chances of winning the world cup again before the 'New' Top Gear is worth even staying awake for.

Post 7 10/27/15

So much has happened since I last got a chance to write at the beginning of October that covering it all in this post will be a tricky task. Well to that end lets start with the most obvious thing, Lewis Hamilton. Austin Texas stands as the only grand prix that I have been to and it was a shame to miss it this time. The race was absolutely fantastic, there was passing left right and center right up to the last lap. It was nice to see Daniel Ricciardo lead for a couple of laps until he eventually made a mistake which led to the Mercedes getting through again. The mistake the Rosberg made near the end of the race was laughable, to see him screw up and then be all upset with Hamilton after the race is ridiculous. I don't care what pedigree Nico Rosberg's dad had, Hamilton is the better driver and whilst he is at that team Nico Rosberg will never win a world championship. On the school side of things, all is well, getting to see family gave me a motivation boost and now we are less than a month from thanksgiving so energy levels are high. A question came up in a class yesterday comparing William Shakespeare and Beethoven, it was interesting to hear college students talk about a composer who wrote classical music that does not happen everyday. For the norm appears to be that if it does not have endless banging and shouting it goes in the boring category which is a silly statement but all to their own. Halloween is only a few days away, I am interested to see what that looks like on a college campus, as of now some of the costume ideas I have heard range from simple and funny to outright inappropriate and silly. To that end have a good day and thank you for reading!

Post 8: Nearly there 11/16/15

I would like to start on a sorrow note and wish everyone who was affected by the attacks in Paris the best, we are all thinking of you. This post sees us just a week from Thanksgiving. A blessed relief for my battered head. The workload found a level where it was just to much to be comfortable decided to stay there for weeks. The wish to have no homework over Thanksgiving break is actually quite hard to bring to reality. In the last post which I wrote not too long before Halloween I was anticipating how good the costumes would be. Well now I can report on that, simply put, not great. The driving goal appeared to be, how inappropriate can I make this. Not how cool could this costume be. In fact that appears to be a thing here, bad puns, endless jokes with nothing but mature content. I tried to find an Android app that could record telephone calls today, and can I just say to the mobile developers out there that you have to be able to turn the recording on AFTER the call starts. This is because you have to ask if it is ok to record the call before you start to record it. Otherwise your breaking the law, a bit. One of the computer science assignments I have had to put up with involved Justin Bieber, someone I nor any one else like. So at the end of my code I had it open this: click here. I will try and write at least two more times before the end of the term. Once just after I return from England, and one last time during finals week. At that point the posts on Global Blog will be archived to make room for winter break and the spring term. Once I have a system for this I will post instructions on how to access the archive. Oh one last thing, to all my friends at Bentley back in California, I hope the first day of finals went well for you and best of luck with the rest of them. Anyway for the 8th time this term thank you for reading and cheers for now.

Post 9: WOO HOO!!! 11/24/15

That's it! All of the classes, homework, and every other unpleasant thing there is to do, done. A 4 day reward in England makes it all oddly worth while. Honestly coming out of a long 3 month stint into a break feels like you just won a grand prix. It really does feel quite good. It seems like ages ago that I first moved in and attended my first class, that oh so terrible 8 AM math class that has wreaked havoc on my sleep patterns since the years start. Now with Clarkson, Hammond, and May live only a few days away I feel like there is a sense of accomplishment. Well I leave you with another video, this one more meant to, hopefully bring back some childhood memories. Along with that, I wish all of you a very, very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading.

Post 10: What a trip... 11/30/15

3...2...1... BANG! The plane hit the deck in Rochester and my 4 days in paradise was over. Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live was an absolute treat. Everything from Reliant Robbins falling over to the best game of car football one could wish for. Aside from a rather silly headphone rule, Air Canada did a decent job, with high quality food and freidly-ish cabin crew. I was lucky to find my self on a Boeing 787 on the way home and I can contest that I do in fact have less jet lag as result of the boosted comfort, it is a great airplane. All in all I had a lot of fun. We sit now with just 3 weeks left in the term having started with 16, we are down to 3. As the holidays are coming up, I would like to call attention to knitters every where my cousin has written a book for the holidays and you should check it out: It's Beginning to look a lot like Knitmas. Well any way I have to plow on with math homework and other things so that's it for now. This series of posts will conclude with one last post which will go up at the end of the term. Look out in the coming days for photos of my holiday to show in the photo section of the site. Until then friends.

Post 11: Finals, my brothers Birthday, and a couple of other things... 12/13/15

Ok, I lied when I said my next post would come at the conclusion of finals week but if this blog is supposed to be about college life then writing now just seems like the right thing to do. Having done more than a few math practice questions on Saturday and having attended 4 hours of computer science review sessions today, it is easily said that the stress is here and hard work is kind of a must right now. To all of those high school kids out there, college is less stressful in the fact that you have a lot more time to play with, and it is a lot easier to study when everyone on your floor is doing the same thing. Or at least mostly everyone... I have one friend who was done last week and the envy is more real than you can imagine. If you are interested, my math final is tomorrow and computer science is on Friday. It is taxing, but when a six week break is your reward then finding the energy really is not that hard. Now I would like to switch gears, these tests made it so that I was not home on my brothers 15th birthday which is today, I would just like to wish him all the best. For the first time in ages I can actually count the number of days until I get to go home. The motivation is huge, just keep fighting! I would like to close with another classical music video, this one is a recording of a piece that I saw with a friend in London over the summer break. It is Beethoven's Choral Fantasy!

Post 12: Term 1 is Done... 12/18/15

All the nerves were present in me one hour, then 90 minutes later the last exam was done and those nerves were replaced with pure joy! The last 16 weeks have been some of my favorite, ever. I have met so many wonderful people and learned so many wonderful things. It does feel good to be done with all of the stress and the work. Plus it is unreal to think that tomorrow I am going home. I still remember the moment when San Francisco disappeared through the clouds when I left. The logistics between now and being home do involve being up at 3 AM tomorrow and no that will not be fun. Worth it? Yes. Fun? No. That is not only it for the term but also for this series of posts. Winter break will see a series of 5 or 6 posts go up. As for these, they are headed for an archive, which will be made publicly available, instructions to come. I want to close by saying thank you to the one person who has bothered to read this, all of my friends and family for the support over the last 4 months, and to RIT for letting me know that college is something that I can handle. For the final time in 2015 from RIT, this is Oliver Davies signing out.

Post 13: Joy turns into quivering peril... 1/11/16

I have decided to scrap the idea of archiving the prior posts until the page gets too full. We are now enter week 3 of the winter break and in our house at least things have turned to dust. On the way back from seeing the new Star Wars film in LA last weekend my brother picked up a stomach bug. That turned Sunday into a day of steering clear of much un-wanted germs. Yesterday I thought we were out of the woods because he was feeling better, but no. This morning my parents wake up and they have it as well. Try avoiding a stomach bug when the other 3 people in your house have it, trust me it's not fun. I have spent much of today shut up in one room where no sick people have been and have washed my hands more in he eye past 3 days then I normally do in a week. I think at this point my attempt to dodge norovirus is going to be successful and I want it to be. You see tomorrow I have a reunion at my high school and I don't want some piddling, puking virus to cause me to have to miss it. Whilst I am the only one not sick, I am the only one not watching TV and I have to be careful with every single thing that I touch. Wind the clock back into the school holiday and Christmas, times were a lot more fun. Our tree looked great and for the most part we all had a jolly good time. This is a sour note on which to start 2016 however. I want the rest of my family to get better as soon as possible. It is awful to have to hide, praying to not get sick. I hope you had a great Christmas and that you are settling back into the daily grind ok. I have a few more weeks before I head back to RIT but given the circumstances I would not mind if I was going back tomorrow... Thanks for reading and I will write again soon.

Post 14: We're Back! 1/26/16

Well hello from Rochester! After a disaster with some flights and a closed airport that led to a 12 hour overnight affair with Amtrak, I got back to RIT safe and sound. The start of the term is usually fairly lightly loaded and you just have to stay on top of it, and not get behind. Failing to stay on top of it could prove deadly later on. It was wonderful to see everyone again and we will see what this, the final term of my first year has to offer. Thanks for reading!

Post 15: RIT Housing 2/6/16

Housing decisions came out on the 4th and I was nervous to find out what I would end up with. Well instead of asking what it turns out that I should have been asking if I would end up with something... RIT came back and said we are full but will try and accomadate you. However after finding out that many people were in the same situation and the only way space would open up is due to drop outs. So after not much conversation we decided that the blithering idiots at RIT housing did not deserve our bussiness. Especially since they promise everyone housing and it can full up with so many people left un-accomadated. So I talked to a friend or two and found an appartment block 5 minutes from RIT and today we applied to it, and rather shockingly got in! I have a lease to sign and that's it I will have my own bedroom and bathroom next year! I really hate what RIT housing did to me and do not appreciate the lie about promising everyone housing. I do not care if it is hard or not people should not make blatent promises they know they cannot keep. This appartment will not make college any cheaper, in fact it will do quite the opposite, but at least I can rest assured that the money is not going to support an establishment that can't keep their promises.

Post 16: Ugh... Valentines Day, Oscar win, and other things. 2/14/16

Too much work, people having dinner with their boy/girl friends and another week the only thing I have to look forward to. This is the start of week 4 here in the 2nd term or shockingly week 20 overall! The tunnels might smell like vomit (thanks to who ever caused that) but I am still alive, I haven't failed anything, and unlike a larger number of my friends I have not managed to get entangled in a relationship... I really do not understand what the point is but if it keeps them happy then so be it. Computer science is not as nearly as hard as I thought it would be and the first 3 labs have been no problem. The difficult class would appear to be the software engineering one in which we are doing C, not C++, just C. A language with no concept of booleans, and a very basic idea of strings, you litteraly have to define a character array. The temperature went negative over the weekend, on the farenheit scale... I have never felt cold like it. Thankfully it will climb back into the 30's over the week, which, whilst still below freezing will feel like summer compared to what its been like recently. On the java side of things I can't say how nice it is to be back with the language that I wrote my first hello world program in years ago. The fact that I have knoweledge of the language is giving me a huge boost over others. My family was in LA over the weekend picking up a technical Oscar that my dad somehow managed to win (pictures at the bottom). Well I have to plow on with tomorrow which has a C practical and a calculus test in it so that should be fun. Where ever you are in the world I hope your enjoying the winter, except those weird Australians, in which case happy summer! As always thank you so much for reading, and I will write again soon.

Oscar Picture
Parents at Oscar ceremony.

Post 17: Wanna come to RIT? Think about this first... 4/2/16

Any one who is taking Computer Science II at RIT will tell you that just last night they turned in the first of two projects, or at least they were trying to finish it so that the turn it in bit could happen. This is the same project that I talked about in the last post, but now instead of just ranting about it I want to provide evidence as to the poor job done by the CS team when it came to writing the specification sheet and the distribution code. Shortly before the project was due I went through the webpage that had all of the resources in it and copied them entirely, you can find the page here. I used the java doc generator to generate the docs off of the skeleton code for downloading all of that manually was not possible. Albeit I left out the broken links at the bottom, yeah you read that right some of the links to particular pages of the docementation were broken on the real version of this website. Next have a look through the project specification part of the web page, notice how confusing to read it is? The pseudo code they provide is very cryptic and hard to read and understand. The UML diagrams are helpful to see how the whole thing links together, but it is not enough. You can read through the assignment page and you still have a load of questions. Look at the java docs and you will find vague descriptions for each method, if anything at all. Some of the methods have no documentation at all, one example is the GetExpression function in the Parser class. If you keep looking you will find more. So with that you think ok I will download the given code. You download this zip file and all of the code comes in a package called stu that you are not told that you are not in fact supposed to use. You are instead to open the stu folder and copy all 29 files into the workspace. You are then left with 29 classes and a countless number of methods that you are supposed to implement. Not only is the code entirely useless until the whole project is complete, but the comments are vauge, that is if they are there at all. The biggest complaint I have about this project though is that I went to my teacher to get help, perfectly valid thing to do right? You know what he said to me? I don't understand what is going on either. Albeit he found a way to help me, the idea that the teacher has no idea how their own assignment is supposed to work is not great teaching. This project was given out late and when we did get it (with no extra time allowed) it was a mess. If you want to do a computing major at RIT you are going to have to take this class. You might even have to do this project. You are going to be paying thousands of dollars to an institute to train you for a job. I don't know about you, but I kind of want my money back right now. Feel free to look at the project page and the given code. Unlike the copy on RIT's website this will never go away I will keep this here for the world to see. Thanks for reading, I will try to write more as we come to the end of this term. Cheers!

Post 18: Nearly there... 5/9/16

Wow. Thats kind of strange. We are in may and there are less than 2 weeks untill summer. How in the name of all things ridiculous did that manage to happen? A few of the prior posts have been removed due to political reasons. Also the Lerp project will not be posted at the end of the term, this is also for political reasons. This year has been hard work, but also filled with endless good moments that I will never forget. Clearly we are close to the end but we are not there yet. The rest of this week must play its course and then there is the elephant in the room. Finals. Need I say more? Those are never fun or easy but they do end. To make things a little bit nicer, at the end of them another trip accross the Atlantic awaits! I am off to England once again. Then after that I am working for iD tech. Shameless plug if your a teen you should totally sign up for one of the camps! I will post what courses I am teaching when I find out which if what they have told me is true should be on Friday. I am really looking forward to this, is should be a lot of fun! More posts will come as we get further to the end of the year. The traditional one before finals week is a definite. Activity will vary over the summer, I will try and not forget about this blog, I promise! All in all I have enjoyed this year and I do not hate RIT, yet. All I can say at the moment is keep calm and carry on. Oh and by the way, America, are you sure about Donald Trump? I am trusting all citezens out there to be smart and not vote that incompetent fool into office. He will only make things worse, a lot worse. Thanks for reading!

Post 19: One Final to go... 5/18/16

Ok this is strange, exciting, sad, and stressful all at the same time. One of my best friends, naturally all done with their finals left last night. Even with it only having been a day the lounge is empty at 10 pm which is a little out of the norm. Today was studying for as the title of this post would suggest my last final, which is yet again Computer Science. So as with last term we all crowded into the lounge and went at it for hours. That finished a while back. After that I thought well ok a smoothie sounds really good right now. The smoothie shop produced a sour tasting dud which isn't giving me that sense of relief that I hoped it would. So I from there a post to this blog seemed like a good idea. Finals week has gone well to this point. Most of the exams have gone off without a hitch. The only thing that is being annoying is the packing. Having lived in this room for the last 32 weeks leaving it is not a small opperation. I started today and the room really does not look any different. That will have to change tomorrow. Friday is when this last final is, at 8 AM to make it even nicer. After that I move a boat load of stuff to a storage unit and then the day is mine. It is not until Saturday morning at 3 AM that I actually go any where. However once that time rolls around I start a jorney accross the Atlantic to the UK. 7 hours on a plane. 7 hours. 7 HOURS! The thought of that is not a lot of fun. However it gets worse. After England I have to get back to California, and that is 10 hours. Ugh... There is one upside to it though, airplane means good food! Well better than college food at least. It has been fun this year. I honestly thought comming into college that I'd hate it, and at first I did. The home sickness and the painfully difficult CS1 class mad my life a bit of a mess. This term on the other hand has had a slower pace to it. I have had more fun. At the end of the day to all of the people I have met and played chess with, talked about programming, and met for breakfast 3 days a week (nearly) thank you. You made life here enjoyable. From the first hello to the last goodbye (which is still to come) this floor has been a treat to live on. Of course there have been bad moments, it would not be college with out them but the good ones are far more important. They are the ones you remember. So after I pull out all of the remaining stops for this final the year will be over. That is the first year done. Is that a bad thing? No, not really. It is progress. However, is it something with which you should be really happy and should forget about? No. Sadness is a good thing, it means you enjoyed it. Now at this point I wish I could say that I had a bunch of pictures to post from the years proceedings but no. I don't. All of the pictures get passed around on this thing called Snap Chat, which I have not got. If someone could drop a comment explaining this strange thing that would be cool. Any how RIT, Ellen Fish Hall 3 B, our ways part here. It was fun. To close I leave you with another installment of our classical music you tube video series. This one is all about joy and the brother hood of man kind. It is kind of remarkable considering how much I love this piece that I have not posted it yet. Any way here is Beethoven's 9th symphony. Post 20 will be released on Friday, the last for the year! Cheers friends.

Post 20: I'm late, summer is not... 6/6/16

I said that I would write on Friday several weeks ago. I failed. Sorry about that. Any way summer is here! Woo hoo! It was an emotional time moving out of the dorms, making yet another 3 am dash for the airport and leaving all of my friends behind. England was good fun as usual, however iD tech is now the big thing with the first of my classes kicking off next Monday. I have been looking forward to this ever since they hired me some number of months ago! My brother is studying for his finals at the moment and the mood around the house is quiet and kind of dull... The rest of this week looks to be relaxing and peaceful before next week launches a torrent of endless craziness and iD style fun. Later in the summer we are apperently going to Iceland before I am back in Brick City on the 20th of August. Posting over the summer will not be as frequent for not as much will be happening. The things I can post about iD tech will pop up from time to time. Expect pictures of Iceland. Anyway enjoy the summer and I will talk to you all again soon!

Post 21: iD Tech is awesome and some other things... 6/28/16

First off long time no posts, I have been a bit busy lately teaching at iD Tech. Up to this point I have done 2 Java classes and I am in the middle of a python class at the moment. It is a blast, the kids are great and everyone is really friendly. I am really enjoying it. Any way the summer is going well other wise, we are going to Tahoe over the weekend and taking the kayak. should be a fun couple of days. Iceland is still to come later in the summer. We have yet to book anything as of right now. More news on that as things progress. One of my friends from RIT is working at a local library over the summer and created this site to give the kids a place to write about their experience with the program. I know this might sound like a shameless plug, but I do not make many of them on this site, so far it only my cousins knitting book has gotten one so let me off the hook. Any way the kids will start posting to it in a couple of weeks and I only ask that you click the link and have a look. Spread the word, eh? Any thats all I have to say for now, I'll write again as soon as enough interesting-ish stuff has happened so the post is some what fun to read. Cheers! #BestSummerEver!

Post 22: New year, Trump, Brock Turner 9/2/16

Ok if the last gap was huge this one is... a word I cannot think of right now. A new year here at RIT is underway! I have moved from the dorms to an apartment complex called The Province. Aside from a slightly dodgy rent payment system I love this place. Not only is it huge but it has the privacy that the dorms lack so badly. Moving on from that, Donald Trump is finally sinking and sinking badly. His visit to Mexico was another addition to his long list of failed ideas. Rather annoyingly, Trump losing means we have to put up with Hillary Clinton for 4 years (hopefully not anymore than that) and I am not sure she is fit for it. Now the sex offender Brock Turner was released today, after 3 months in jail. He was given 6, he served 3, and they let him free. Eh??? The prosecuters wanted 6 years in a state prison, he got 6 months in a county jail. Again Eh??? This is someone who attempted to rape an unconcious girl at a fraternity party, whilst under the influence of alcohol. He engaged in sexual activity with out consent and served 3 months in jail for it? Now what about that is not chopped logic? Sex offender, overly lenient 6 month sentence reduced to 3 months for good behavior??? Stanford expelling the boy makes for a more significant punishment than that!!! I do not agree with the judges worries about the impact on his life, he got drunk, did something supid and highly illegal and he should have been locked away for years. The argument his dad made that he should not be jailed for 20 minutes of action is utter claptrap! It takes seconds to murder someone and most murderers get locked up for life, if not they are excecuted. Turner was an athlete at Stanford University not a place that many people get to go, he was a priveleged kid. Now he attepmpts to RAPE someone and pretty much gets away with it? What do you think that is going to do to the boys head? Make him feel even more priveleged? Yes! This guy needs to be told that doing that kind of thing is not ok. Now I do not like to bring this up but he was also white and this ties in with the white privelege movment of late. This is a call to do something! On another note California has closed a loophole that will stop future pediphiles like Turner getting away with this kind of nonsense. A word directly to Turner, Free from prison? Yes. Free from the eternal thought that you scared a girl for life? Never. That is something you will live with for the rest of your life. Your name is infamous all over the web, on thousands of web sites, not just this one. Your name is and will be for the rest of your sick life engraved on the national list of registered sex offenders. If anything that will be your big punishment. Living in the eyes of scrutiny and infamy for the rest of your time on this planet, let it be short, no one needs you or your priveleged attitude or your nasty approach to having fun any where near them. You found a way to be in the news more and for far worse reasons than Donald Trump, nice.

Post 23: Drama I hate drama :( 10/2/16

I hate drama enough when your in high school and prom comes around, then its just irritating. However a few days ago it showed its head again however this time with much stronger intentions than to be annoying. To drive a rift between friends and afirm that enimies made past were never to be friends again. For the dignity of this website and your heads the details of this will be kept private. However I just wanted to make it plain that I really dis-like this stuff, especially when it causes me to lose friends as it did here. Over the next few days a backlink or two may be removed from this site, that is for political reasons. As a result of all this the last few days have been quite lonely. Anyway thats enough of that, do not let drama get in the way of you and your friends. It can cause major problems. So as with most of my feel type posts I end yet again with another installment of our music youtube series, however this one comes with a tone change from the light and happy to the sad and majestic. This is the second movement to Beethoven's 5th piano concerto. Enjoy and I will talk to you soon.

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