Welcome to Words For Retinas

Words For Retinas is a revolutionary program for aiding students in the long process of learning a foriegn language.

Words For Retinas gets its power from the use of special memorable images that trigger a reaction from the learner. The word and the image appear on the screen at the same time and then user is simply asked to type the English meaning. If the user does not like the image included in the program it is a simple process for them to change the image to something that works for them. The program is effective in helping students learn the words faster initally and then remember them after that. This program was coded by a high school student whoes teacher used a program that simply did not work.

About our Program

Below are a series of images that will allow you to see what the program looks like and to get a feel for the learning enviorment you will be placed in when using Words For Retinas.

The image to the left is the Words For Retinas home screen, this is where it all starts when you first boot up the program. The image to the right is what the program looks like when you are using it to study a list of words.