Bentley Upper School

Class of 2015 June 2015

No matter where you get in the world, you always remember your high school years. Whether you went to a 2,000 student leviathan or a little 320 student country day school like I did its a memorable moment for everyone, for different reasons. For me it was a lot of hard work but I also found ways to enjoy it. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of awesome things.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Working on a B.A in Software Engineering August 2015- Present

One could argue that college is one of if not the biggest decision one has to make in their lifetime. Coming from a 320 student high school and stepping foot onto a campus with 19,000 students was a big adjustment for me. However the urge to follow your passions takes you to strange places sometimes, or at least that's what I've managed to figure out over the years. I will keep working and update this section as time sees fit.


Hacking Pi's Summer Camp

Counselor July 2015

My Latin teacher throughout high school was also a technology nut, and whilst sitting on the bus one day he asked me if I would help him out with a week long summer camp, teaching middle school students how to program robots in scratch. I enthusiastically accepted the position and the week proved to be a lot of fun.

Silchester Town Life Project

Roman Archaeology Dig Summer 2014

My high school made its student’s do 60 some hours of community service whilst they were there. Now I already have a reputation for doing things wildly differently from any else but I still surprised myself with this one. One day whilst looking around on the internet for volunteer options we found this archaeology dig in a little town called Silchester in England. I have quite a lot of family in England, being from there originally, so I popped over and spent a week digging up 2,000 year old stuff. This racked up 59.5 hours in a single week and I had a ton of fun doing it.

Bentley School Senior Internship

Technology Specialist May 2015

I joined the technology team at my high school for the last month of my senior year. I worked on course e-course development, attended and participated in meetings, and gave presentations to advisors when asked for my opinion as to which option the school should take. I really enjoyed this experience.

Bentley School Mini-Term Teaching Assistant

Personal Websites February 2015

I was asked to help run a course on developing personal websites. I designed a basic HTML/CSS lesson for the class. Along with this I set up and administrated the Moodle site that we used to run the class, on a web server that I had purchased only a few weeks earlier.

Skills/ hobbies

I like doing a lot of things, the list below are just some of my favorites: